Printer Driver In Computer for Epson L1300

L1300 is one of the new brands in the market now. Printer Driver In Computer for Epson L1300 competes with other brand equally. With the new specification and special price, it might be a blast in the market. It seems like the main target really for low-middle user. As a newcomer, it is capable of producing nice and detail print with A4 paper as well as A3 paper size. Of course, this result is applied to both of mono print and color print. The result will have the same quality.

There are several advantages related to the Printer Driver In Computer for Epson L1300. The most obvious one is the availability of original ink in the market. As a product with global market target, any tools or spare part related to the new series will be available immediately as soon as it comes out in the market. The next will be the ink-tank tech. It is the first A3 printing tech which does not use a cartridge. For the record, this L1300 can print A3 paper size quickly. This setting is suitable for business purpose whether it is for small or even big scale of printing business.

Well, Printer Driver In Computer for L 1300, how fast this printer could be? The new series has excellent performance, especially related to A3 document or digital printing product. In one minute, L1300 can print 15 sheet of mono printing and 5,5 sheet of color printing. It is an excellence outcome for a printer for low-middle market target. There are five ink-tank installed. Each of this tank is consist of three different colors such as yellow, cyan, magenta, and two black inks. With this ink capacity, Epson L1300 will be able to print approximately 5700 sheet of colored paper and 7100 of mono colored paper.

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